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MONEY SHOT #2 review (Seeley, Beattie, Isaacs, Russell, Crank!, Daniel, Vault Comics)

WriterTim Seeley & Sarah Beattie
ArtistRebekah Isaacs
ColoristsKurt Michael Russell
DesignerTim Daniel

Thanks to Vault Comics for providing a copy for review!

Hello again folks!I know it’s been a while, but with the world in chaos I’ve been a bit preoccupied. But, I am so happy to be back and sharing a whole bunch of new and continued comic book reviews!

Let’s get started with diving right back into Money Shot issue 2, where we find our scientists turned porn stars in space jail. You know they’re doomed, when even Doug thinks they’re “fucked” as he puts it. Omar and Chris are taken away from the rest of the gang’s cell, and as they are being led away. Annie grabs Omar and gives him a very unneeded deep kiss, to which Omar says that her mouth tasted bad and “hoped it wasn’t him” (if you can catch his drift). Chris and Omar are led out into an arena to fight some type of giant fish alien, all the while “little shot” is translating for them. Oh, I might have forgotten to mention that the two are still chained up as they have to fight for their lives.

As the fight starts up, we are taken to a flashback to when the gang created their “little shot”, camera and translator. Also, when they sat down to learn “Porn 101”, or as Chris likes to call it, “Fuck school”. Now, I know some of you might be excited to read the comic for this part. But, let me just be very upfront and clear. This was boring to read, the best part of this whole history was the group’s smart ass comments throughout their lesson. They learn the history of porn and the different types of porn before films were created. Like most lessons taught in school, they each got homework-rotations of sleeping together. You know, just to get them all comfortable with each other.

Of course the comic chooses this moment to take us back to the present, with Chris in the mouth of the fish alien. Don’t worry, it spits her out and she’s fine. As Omar rushes to Chris, he reassures her that at least they will die together. While the rest of their group watches on in horror, making their commentary (which will have you laughing), and Annie yelling at Omar to “Spit on her”. Meaning the fish lady alien going in for the kill, Omar listens and spits into the fish’s mouth and it melts her. Apparently when Annie kissed him before, it was to put some “cottonmouth fungus” in there that is not so great for fish. This of course means that Chris and Omar will live, and get to meet the leader of these fish aliens. 

Once again, we are back to the flashback and “homework” everyone is given. As they finish setting up their sex schedule, Omar admits to Chris he is embarrassed because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed (for when the time comes to sleep with each of his colleagues). I guess this is just the sign Chris needed to sleep with Omar right then and there, to just get him comfortable for when the time comes. Before we see anything to naughty between these two, we are brought right back to the present. The other three of the gang are thrown into an even shittier cell then before, and find the fish alien they have been looking for. The reason they were looking for him was because, well… it’s told that his “orgasm can unleash the power of nuclear fission” (whatever the heck that is, and why they want to learn about it). While on the other two of the group are brought before the head person, who is in fact a very pretty fish lady. She brings them into her chamber and tells them to have sex with her and in return she will teach them “the podna megra” (whatever that is), or they don’t and die. This pretty much tells you very much what their answer was, if you couldn’t already guess. After this little tit for tat chat, the comic then takes us back to the past again. To where we left off with Chris and Omar sleeping with each other, Omar wakes to find Chris watching the sex they just had (via little shot). We see that Omar had told Chris during their trist, “I love you”, and as Chris turns to look at Omar with a tear running down her face. That what just happened cannot happen again, the “I love you” part more then the sex part. 

Wow, what a way to end issue two guys. I really can’t wait to see more adventures of these scientist porn stars and find out all the details of what really happened between Omar and Chris.

MONEY SHOT #2 is now available.

Have you read the issue? What are your thoughts? Want to talk to me about this title? Feel free to chat with me on Twitter or Instagram, or leave a comment below!

Ali Raphael
Ali Raphael
Ali is a professional workaholic but likes to add more to her plate by reviewing comics/books/ tv shows/movies and anime. In every other waking moment, she breathes books, manga and anything Marvel. Every day she wishes she was a Part-Time Avenger, instead of a full-time Target employee.

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