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NYCC 2019: Tenacious Toys announce more exclusives

Tenacious Toys last week announced a lot of exclusives for their New York Comic Con booth (#780), and this week they announced a LOT more.

There are so many exclusives planned for this show, it’s a shame we can’t be there in person to see them (and buy a few of them).

If you’re like us and not able to make it to NYCC, all leftover items from their will become available online on the Tenacious Toys NYCC 2019 page on October 5th or 6th….so maybe there’s a chance the ones we want will be there.

Full information on their many, many releases are below courtesy of their press releases.

Avri Rosen-Zvi has dragged his knuckles into the sofubi category with his new 3″ sofubi figure, Caveman SD. Caveman is available in 3 colors: Pink – My Little Caveman (Pink), Lava Caveman (Orange) & Caveman Idol (Gold Sparkle) at just $20 each. Limited quantities of each color at booth 780 (just 5 of each!).

Tenacious Toys has announced another NYCC 2019 exclusive for booth 780: Waldemar the Werepengwolf!

Waldemar is a 4.25″ tall resin figure from Abe Lincoln Jr’s new line of resin collectibles: Kaijin Mundial!

“I stumbled across this obscure pachi monster card set from Europe a few years ago. Many popular sofubi toys are based on pachi monster cards and I thought this was untapped territory. I’ve been wanting to make Waldemar for years and this year I approached Tenacious Toys about launching the series. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

The evil bioscientific occultist Dr. Naschy was working in his Castle in Spain, hellbent on creating an occult mashup of a werewolf and a werepenguin he would dub the Lyco-Spheníscicus.. He worked night and day combining bioscience and supernatural occult powers he’d learned from a local gypsy to merge the two fierce creatures of the night.

His experiments every full moon would end in failure until on that fateful night. An unsuspecting tourist, Waldemar Daninsky’s car broke down in the dense forest surrounding the castle, and he came looking for some protection from the wild night. Frustrated with another failed experiment Dr. Naschy let in the unsuspecting victim and led him to the lab. That’s where he let the Werewolf and the Werepenguin rip poor Waldemar to pieces, just for sport. Shockingly, Dalinsky survived.

On certain nights when the moon is full, the baleful plaintive cry of a half penguin half wolf creature can be heard throughout the steppes where Waldemar lives. Once he is transformed he only has 2 things on his mind, the taste of fresh blood, and the name of the scientist who did this to him.. Hellbent on killing and revenge Waldemar roams the countryside looking to slake his thirst for blood and find Dr. Naschy to make him pay for turning him into a monster.

Waldemar was sculpted by Mike NEMO Mendez and molded, cast in resin and painted by Forces of Dorkness. There are 30 Waldemars, found exclusively in the Tenacious Toys booth 780 at NYCC for $50 each.

Soko Cat has created a painstaking and detailed custom Maruma for the Tenacious Toys NYCC booth. This platform is a 6″ tall DIY vinyl from Supermama x MightyJaxx.

This is a one-of-a-kind custom figure priced at $150.

Just in time for Halloween, Tenacious Toys is proudly hosting the debut of a highly anticipated variant of the second character in the FU-Stamps line of resin statues: Demonio “The Exorcist” Edition.

Demonio is a 7″ tall, detailed resin figure that comes with interchangeable magnetic heads: the Exorcist Demonio head, and an alternate yellow demon mask head. Demonio’s sword can be displayed in his hand or in his backpack.

“The Exorcist” edition of Demonio will be a Tenacious Toys shop exclusive which will make its debut at their NYCC booth # 780, with a simultaneous online release on their website for fans who cannot make it to NYCC.

About Demonio:
Demonio, also known as the “Dark Side Kid,” is an urban legend around the neighborhood, however Demonio is in fact real. He was raised in the bowels of an abandoned building deep in a forgotten section of the South Bronx. Demonio is thought of as a monster whose name is whispered in the ears of misguided children from the hood. It is said that the act of just muttering his name will ensure absolute pain and death.

Demonio sprints in silence, carrying his “Killing Gods Swords”. The only way to know if he is preying on you is by the emerging stench of sulfur and blood. Those who smell the scent of blood are doomed to realize that the blood is in fact their own.

Find Demonio at the Tenacious Toys NYCC booth #780 in October. There are just 50 of these figures, priced at $130 each. Fans will also get to meet and chat with creator Rios Palante, who will be on hand for most of the show. Demonio is the second character from the new comic book series “FU-Stamps” to be released in resin statue format. A sneak peek 24-page collector issue of FU-Stamps will be available in booth 780 as well.

DoomCo Designs has delivered yet another stunning and unique Tarbus color variant for the Tenacious Toys NYCC booth in 2019:

The “NYC Toxic Bloom” Edition Tarbus features swirled green and GID blue translucent vinyl. Every Tarbus is differently swirled, making each unique both in the light, and when glowing in the dark.

This color variant is limited to just 63 pieces and priced at $20 each.

Tarbus is just over 3 inches tall, articulated in one place, and comes bagged with a header card.

Tenacious Toys is teaming up with FU-Stamps once again for a fully New York toy release: the Bodega Blade Man’s Best Friend Combo Pack. As the weather cools down in the Bronx, Dega is decked out in his boots, jacket, ski cap and jeans, protecting the streets with his loyal pit bull by his side.

Bodega Blade is the first character released in Bronx native Rios Palante’s FU-Stamps line of resin collectible statues. Danger Dog is the shop mascot of Spanish Harlem-based online toy shop Tenacious Toys. Dega measures 7″ tall and Danger measures 2.25″ tall.

“Bringing the two signature characters together in a limited edition boxed set for a NYCC release really smashed our two worlds together,” says Tenacious Toys CEO Benny Kline. “We are stoked to partner up with Rios once again to serve as an outlet for his beautiful toy designs.”

Find the Bodega Blade Man’s Best Friend Combo Packs at the Tenacious Toys NYCC booth #780 in October, packed into special bags with a free comic included. There are just 10 of these special combo sets, priced at $140 per set. Fans will also get to meet and chat with Rios himself, who will be on hand for most of the show.

Bigshot Toys is working with Tenacious Toys once again on an exclusive Shi-Shi sofubi release. For NYCC 2019, Bigshot has produced a beautiful bluish/purple sofubi figure for the Tenacious Toys booth. This color is limited to just 30 pieces and priced at $45 each.

Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian has enjoyed a blockbuster year, with a Kickstarter funded on the first day, and all editions of sofubi figures released thus far selling out at various shows and venues.

Shi-Shi a 4″ tall sofubi soft vinyl figure with one point of articulation. Sofubi Shi-Shis are produced by hand in a small workshop in Japan and come bagged with a header card.

Following a blockbuster year of sales of JT Studio’s products in their web shop, Tenacious Toys is very excited to bring to fans their first exclusive JT Studios figure: a Tenacious blue edition of the KURO x JT Studio Empty Wolf figure. This color variant echoes the Tenacious mascot colors (blue, black accents and white eyes). Blue will be the third color variant of the Empty Wolf figure, which was previously released in Gray and GID Purple.

Empty Wolf is a 7″ long PVC statue, and this Tenacious Blue edition is limited to just 100 pieces. They will be available for the first time at the Tenacious NYCC booth at $99 each.

The Bruno resin figure is Rich Page’s homage to his own pup! Sculpted and painted up recently at Benny’s request, Bruno stands 3.5″ tall and all the work was done by Rich Page in the UK.

Bruno is bagged with a header card, limited to 10 pieces at $45 each.

The Nordic Lucky Cat marks the beginning of The Toy Viking’s conquest of the resin scene! Typically he uses his own toy blog as a staging point for his reign of verbal chaos, mercilessly invading the screens of hapless toy collectors. It’s never enough to slake his insatiable appetite for toys, so The Toy Viking has teamed up with Dubose Art to raid the Tenacious Toys booth at NYCC!

The Nordic Lucky Cat is The Toy Viking’s homage to the ubiquitous Maneki Neko, replete with skull face and Viking horned helmet. For NYCC, Dubose cast 10 Nordic Lucky Cats in a Tenacious-exclusive Permafrost Edition. These are 4″ tall solid resin figures packaged in custom cloth bags, and limited to just 10 pieces at $40 each.

The Dragon Boy set, designed by Martin Hsu and produced by Powercore, is a 2-piece vinyl art toy set with the larger figure (Dragon Boy) measuring about 5″ tall, and the smaller Dragon Pup coming in at about 2.5″ tall.

This “Super Boy” red and blue colorway is exclusive to Tenacious Toys, one of about a dozen different colorways releasing at various retail shops and outlets this year.

The Dragon Boy set comes boxed, limited to 60 sets, each priced at $75.

Martin Hsu will be on hand for a signing at the Tenacious Booth 780 at 4PM EST on Friday Oct 4th, following his 2PM signing at the MyPlasticHeart booth across the aisle.

Dan Berry
Dan Berry
Dan Berry is a man of mystery, an enigma that flits from convention to convention like a spectre, like a spirit. His interests range far and wide: he cannot be determined, he cannot be defined, he cannot be contained. He's like the wind. He also is a Sagittarius and enjoys a nice Italian.

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