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REVIEW: THE ORVILLE #2: NEW BEGINNINGS PART 2 – will history repeat itself?

Thanks to Dark Horse for providing a copy of THE ORVILLE #2: NEW BEGINNINGS PART 2 OF 2

Previously on The Orville

Captain Ed Mercer and Lieutenant Gordon Malloy were on their way to a conference, when they picked up a distress signal.  Since it is protocol to investigate distress calls, they followed the signal and were suddenly fired upon.  They crash landed on a barren planet, inhabited by a bird-type species known as the Chog.  Ed and Gordon find that they live near the wreck that caused their crash landing.

Back on the planet it’s time to eat, so Chog takes Ed and Gordon to their “food place”.  Ed finds that the energy reading is coming from the crash site and the energy from the reactor is what was used to fire the cannon. so they decide to do some snooping.  There is a “forbidden” hallway that they are unable to get into as it is guarded, so they walk around until they find a breach in the hull that leads the way to the reactor.   Ed finds that the Thoz didn’t shoot them down, but the cannon was set to shoot any debris floating towards the planet to ensure the safety of the species.  More searching around the area provides them with the answers they needed, but at a cost.  The Thoz catch the two of them and needless to say, they are not happy.  Ed tries to explain what they were doing, but Chog would not listen.  

Time was running out and Ed knew he had to do something, otherwise his friends and the Orville would be no more.

I really enjoyed this two-part comic series.  It is really well written and it fills in the time between seasons.  This story is obviously not necessary if you are going to watch the show, but it is a fun way to enjoy The Orville in general while the show is in between seasons.  It is a quick read and has a wide variety of emotions it plays on.  I am really hoping they continue to do this for as long as the show is on.  And should the show end, I would definitely like to have the story continued in a comic or graphic novel format.

If you missed my review of the first issue, check it out here: THE ORVILLE #1: NEW BEGINNINGS PART 1 REVIEW

Grab your copy of The Orville parts 1 and 2 today at Dark Horse Comics and let me know what you think!

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