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RICK & MORTY VS DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CHAPTER II: Painscape Review: Roll for Rick-nititive!

Written by Jim Zub, with art by Troy Little, color by Leonardo Ito, and lettering by Crank!

Thanks to Oni Press for providing a copy for review!


In Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, the pop culture juggernaut and the best-selling role-playing game team up once again in an all-new companion story!

Once upon a game, Rick, Morty and the Smith family went on magical D&D adventures…now, magical D&D adventures are coming to Earth, and no one will survive the Painscape! The world’s greatest role-playing game returns to plague the world’s most dysfunctional animated family! Fan-favorite dice dependent Jim Zub (Samurai Jack, Savage Sword of Conan) re-teams up with Eisner-nominated cartoonist +5 Troy Little (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Powerpuff Girls) to destroy Adult Swim’s pop culture juggernaut and the best-selling role-playing game that once used the term “THAC0.”


Jim Zub continues the trend of amazing Rick & Morty comics with the opening of this new story arc. Dungeons & Dragon’s popularity has done nothing but grow over the past several years. Despite this, I think even the most hardcore table top gamers would be shocked to wake up to nothing but D&D content on tv. This is exactly the course of events in this issue of Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons. Rick immediately knows this must be linked to multi-dimensional shenanigans so he sets out to discover what made the whole world fall in love with D&D.

As in the previous story arc, all of the established characters perfectly reflect my expectations. Rick’s voice especially comes through very clearly on the page. The antagonistic forces in the story are also very reminiscent of some TV show story arcs.

The art in this book is so darn fun. All the small details in D&D weapons and worlds are lovingly placed and a joy to look at. The environments are so carefully crafted and make it easy to see the panels come to life as you read. I’m very excited to see the modern world and some new characters collide throughout this mini-series.

If you just can’t wait another few weeks for new Rick & Morty, you need to pick up this book to hold you over! There’s plenty of rickdiculous drama and laughs to enjoy with high re-readability.

Here’s my review of the previous Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons release.

If you’re looking forward to more of the TV show, or need to chat about the graphic novels, talk to me on Twitter and Instagram!

Samantha Maybe
Samantha Maybehttps://www.theconventioncollective.com
Sam is a San Diego transplant and SDCC attendee of 5+ years. Recently, she rediscovered a love for reading prose, and loves staying plugged into the comics world through The Convention Collective, and the SDCC graphic novel book club. You can find more of her bookish thoughts on Instagram @Sammaybereading.

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