ROGUE SUN #1 review – The Next Generation (Parrott, Abel, O’Halloran, Carey) Image Comics


Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

Rogue Sun, the name of the title superhero in the series, is a clever play on words for a series that could just as easily be called Rogue Son. The series explores what happens when a superhero mantle is passed to the next generation. The story starts with the ‘big action sequence before settling down and introducing the characters’ technique. One of the unexpected pleasant surprises in the book is the setting, as few comics are set in New Orleans (which is an underrated city in my opinion).

The first issue establishes the characters and the universe they inhibit, complete with the requisite rogues gallery. Rogue Sun takes inspiration from existing superhero books to create something new. In particular, the wealthy regular life of the superhero (in this case, I got more Batman vibes than Tony Stark) and the young hero finding his way (maybe a Robin mixed with early Spider-Man and a dash of Flash Thompson) felt both familiar and original.

One thing that sets this issue apart for me is the dialogue. It’s quippy superhero dialogue is mixed with some more grounded conversation that really establishes the characters, in particular, the main character Dylan is more nuanced than most characters.  He’s not an anti-hero, but he’s not all good either.

The art effectively makes even the conversation scenes interesting, subtly incorporating different panel sizes, shapes, and perspectives. The coloring is perfect for the tone of the book. The action is well choreographed and allows you to picture the fighting in your mind. The superhero action also makes good use of lighting/fire effects to pop off the page. The issue’s main bad guy (introduced in the final third of the book) is a pretty cool character as well.

Rogue Sun is off to a good start. I think fans of Batman comics in particular will enjoy it. Aside from the comic book style violence, there’s nothing warranting parental discretion.

ROGUE SUN #1 is set to be released on March 2nd.

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