Sandbox: HUNTER KILLER movie review



MPAA Rating: R

Director: Donovan Marsh

Starring: Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, Linda Cardellini, and Toby Stephens

Runtime:  2 hours 1 minute

Release date: October 19th (UK), October 26th (USA)

What It Is: A US Submarine goes missing in the Arctic and a newly recruited Commander must figure out why.

What We Think: The movie was a good action movie with a sub-plot involving the Russians. It was very predictable at times, but was a fun watch nonetheless. 

I did see this movie with someone who served in the US Navy, and they pointed out how many things were not realistic in the movie. So, if you go with the hopes of it being a realistic war movie, you will be sadly disappointed.  But, if you go just for a good “popcorn” movie, you will enjoy yourself. 

Butler along with his supporting cast including Cardellni, Common, and Oldman all did terrific jobs with their roles. The action sequences both above and below the water were terrific, as one would expect for an action blockbuster of this sort. 

Our Grade: 3/5 – While it was a good action movie, it was a bit predictable at times which caused the rating to be a bit lower. I did enjoy myself but don’t expect a classic submarine movie like THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER  or DAS BOOT


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