Sandbox: LeeAnn D’s Weekly Comic Picks (October 24th 2018)

This is LeeAnn's weekly review of new comics out this week


The comics industry has been all a buzz over the past few months with tons of announcements of new books, writers and artists moving around from one publisher to another. Some of the new comics that will be published over the next few months are going to blow the doors off this place. But while you are waiting for the new comics to be unleashed upon the world, its a fantastic time to catch up on a few great on going series.

I know after a week of a dreadful news cycle and the constant bombardment of political ads, I am looking forward to seeking the solace of my imagination by diving into this weeks new releases at my local comic book shop. This weeks Pull List is full of adventure in far off lands, fantastic magical worlds, vampires, demons, a subway ride with the Devil, and an appearance of Satan himself. Strap in because with this weeks comics are out and it is going to be a hell of a ride.

Books of Magic #1 DC Vertigo 

Cover courtesy

(W) Kat Howard

(A) Tom Fowler

A new series that takes us back into the Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe. A London teenager, Timothy Hunter has magical abilities, but magic seems to screw stuff up more than it helps, on top of that he needs to pass his exams and stop his bullies. He is destined to be the the most powerful magician in the universe, if can he survive the people who are trying to kill him, and those are the good guys.

Isola Vol #1 Image Comics collects 1-5

Cover courtesy Image Comics

(W) Brendan Fletcher

(A) Karl Kerschl

The Queen of Maar has a curse cast upon her by her brother, turning her into a tiger. Rook who is the Queen’s guard is trying save her by taking her to the island of the dead, known as Isola. ISOLA is out this week collecting issues 1-5. This is a great place to jump into the series, although the artwork is worth the price of admission, it is a brilliant story that will draw you in and keep you wanting more. Isola is masterful storytelling woven into beautiful, gorgeous art and colors. 

The Punisher #3 Marvel 

Cover courtesy

(W) Matthew Rosenberg

(A) Szymon Kudranski

I had given up on THE PUNISHER  a long time ago sometime when Garth Ennis stopped writing the comic, but Matthew Rosenberg has drawn me right back into caring about what happens to Frank Castle. Rosenberg writes so damn well it makes me want to read more and with this being only the 3rd issue you still have time to catch up with the story. Plus, this month, artist Szymon Kudranski has put Frank and Daredevil on the subway and the art is so good, it makes me want to cry.

Redneck #16 Image Comics

Cover courtesy Image Comics

(W) Donny Cates

(A) Lisandro Estherren

A tale of a family of secret vampires living in Texas but these are not your run of the mill twilight family of vamps. There is some touching family moments in this issue along with some bloody good, violent fun as well.

Babyteeth #13 Aftershock 

(W) and Co-creator Donny Cates

(A) and Co-creator Garry Brown

Follows the crazy story of Sadie Ritter, teen mom and mother to the Anti-Christ, Sadie and her family meet up with Clark’s dad in this one. Donny Cates and Garry Brown bring us a story with lots of cool inter-dimensional portals, Warlocks, secret cabals and a demon raccoon, named Marty

Beyonders #3 Aftershock

(W) Paul Jenkins

(A) Wesley St.Claire

Do you like conspiracy theories, how about unsolved mysteries, crop circles, Amelia Earhart, Edgar Allan Poe, what about the end of the world? Of course you do, well BEYONDERShas all of this and more. This is a great romp through some fantastic historical mysteries, giving them a common thread. art and colors

X-Men Red #9 

Cover courtesy

(W) Tom Taylor

(A) Roge Antonia

The showdown between Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova has begun. Tom Taylor is absolutely killing on this series and I highly recommend reading this one.

So what is on your pull list this week? Let me know what you are reading or  if there is a comic book that you would like me to feature on here. You can find me on Twitter at @lilredrubi74


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