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SERA AND THE ROYAL STARS #5 Review – Sera is pretty much done (Tseui, Mok, Angulo, Campbell, Vault Comics)

Writer: Jon Tseui Artist: Audrey Mok Colorist: Raul Angulo Letterer: Jim Campbell

Thanks to Vault Comics for providing a copy for review!

First of all, amazing cover for issue five of SERA AND THE ROYAL STARS. Now onto the comic! The royal star, Regulus was apparently inside the crystal that replaced Sera’s heart back in issue one. If you don’t remember this, that’s okay-a lot happened in that first issue and it’s basically when Sera was being threatened to go on this journey. By the way, Regulus is the lion star.

At the moment, Regulus has possession of Sera’s body, meaning he’s in the driver’s seat. As he turns to chase the things coming at Sera, and instead of attacking him/her they run away in fear. Then he/her turns to face the female star of Draco, Eltanin, and creates the Celestial bow and arrow demanding for her to break the spell baring the royal stars from the sky. It also seems that Sera and Regulus are sharing control of Sera’s spirit, since her body is still not back with the other stars from the underworld. This should be the most troubling thing to Sera at the moment, but I guess we’re all supposed to be okay with kinda being dead for a long amount of time. Because hey, if you have a crystal heart instead of a real heart-your good to be dead for a while.

Now, to the Old Bull still holding on to Sera’s body and getting her through the underworld and also being followed by some nasty little spirit fairies. As Old Bull sprints away, he thinks it’s just another spirit fairy commanding him to hand over Sera’s body to be consumed. It is not the little spirit fairies. When Old Bull turns to look, it’s a giant man covered in water and plants (looks like a Jini to me…). This guy just wants her body, or better yet “shell”, because her spirit will come back for it and then he can eat her spirit. I mean, we all know Old Bull isn’t going to say yes and starts to fight with the giant. 

We’re back to Sera/Regulus fighting against the star of Draco, who keeps making comments about Sera’s mom rotting in a ditch somewhere. This causes Sera/ Regulus to charge her dumb ass. This female star of Draco also grew wings, sadly not purple and gold to match her outfit and coloring, but green. She then goes on to admit that she was the one who planted the idea of war into Sera’s uncle’s head, she and her brother are the ones who caused all the bloodshed in Parsa. The only reason they did this to Parsa was because they all forgot the stars of Draco, so they needed to be punished. Ugh, egotistical gods, am I right?

While she has distracted Sera with all this new insight, she hits Sera with a fireball that she is unable to use her new powers to stop it in time. As she is going all out on Sera, she just keeps dropping knowledge bombs. Saying that Sera and her mother were not the only ones chosen for this task, there have been many others in the past and all from their family. As she beats Sera down and starts to choke her and say that at least she got closer then her mother ever did, but she will still fail.

Going back the three royal stars still stuck in the underworld, the scorpion and fish star are fighting back against the giant water/plant guy attacking Old Bull. The coolest thing I’ve seen in a fight (in these comics), is the fish star launching scorpion ahead to fight with the male star of Draco who also showed up to the party. She doesn’t waste any time and starts attacking the giant too, then tricks the male Draco to fly into the same space as the giant. Thus he’s now captured and having to fend off the big guy as the royal stars make their getaway.

In the end, we are then back again to Sera and the female star of Draco, Sera is not passed out for the moment and sees herself as a young girl talking with her mom. Who is telling her she won’t fail the journey of the royal stars because she will always protect what she holds dear, her family and people. Sera then awakens and gives one hell of a hit (with a rock) to the star of Draco, which takes her down for the count. Sera then goes to the bridge and reaches and opens a “ring” and starts pulling the royal stars out, along with her human body out of the underworld.

The female Draco pushes past them and jumps into the underworld to go help her brother and yells that it’s not over between them. Regulus urges Sera to leave her human body behind because he is stronger in her spirit form, but Sera’s answer is pretty much hell no. Sera decides she’s done with this journey, the cost of leaving her family is too high. She already lost her mother and brother to this quest, and although they try to get her to stay. Sera walks away. So much has happened in this series so far, and it’s only been five issues of SERA AND THE ROYAL STARS. I’m no longer sure if helping the royal stars is going to solve everything, but I do think continuing to help them will reveal more answers to Sera and us as readers. I mean the series is called SERA AND THE ROYAL STARS for a reason, we all know that Sera has to finish this quest – it just might take her a little longer, because she wants to do it her way from now on.

SERA AND THE ROYAL STARS #5 is now available.

If you missed my reviews of the first 4 issues of the series, you can find them here.

Have you read the title? What are your thoughts? Want to talk to me about this title? Feel free to chat with me on Twitter or Instagram, or leave a comment below!

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Ali Raphael
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