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SEVEN SECRETS #2 review (SPOILERS): Caspar’s Coming of Age as a Forbidden Child

Thanks to BOOM Studios! for the review copy!

The forbidden child and narrator of our story, Caspar, gets a huge spotlight on his coming of age, as he grows up among The Order of The Seven Secrets and takes us right up to the climactic events of Seven Secrets #1.

New characters abound in the second addition to our story, where, by my count, we get to meet all five remaining pairs of Keepers and Holders of the Seven Secrets. Caspar spends his early childhood with one such pair, potentially exposed to the power of the Third Secret they protect, and coming out the other side a talented and sharp young boy. Learning much, albeit in a heavily guided and sheltered capacity, he meets our other Keepers and Holders, and dwells heavily on his time and trials with his emotionally distant parents. We conclude with the death of Sigurd, a grieving Caspar, and the troubling revelation that Caspar does not survive the story. We are left still wondering what part he will really play in our grander story and what incredible power these Secrets really contain.

As I had sort of expected, we were overdue for some exposition to help us really understand who our characters are and how they came to be, but I’m really yearning for even a hint of what these Secrets have in store for us. All the same, the flavorful and easily distinguishable cast of characters in #2 continue to engage and excite me, and I hope we get to see more of who these characters are and what they can do as we go along. The mask of Canto, the silence of Laqueta and Dimah, and everything about the Nameless Ones prompts so many questions I hope we get some answers to eventually.

I found the relationship between Caspar and his parents, whom I was surprised to find he was informed about given the secrets this organization obviously holds, to be quite compelling, particularly the relationship between him and Sigurd. Emotional distance is a painful memory for many a child, and the fact that Sigurd and Eva obviously want to be close with their child, but cannot, makes for gripping tension and a powerful emotional release when Caspar learns the fate of his father.

This writer wants more, but particularly wants more about the Secrets themselves! Hopefully we get even just a hint of whether we’re talking about supernatural, super tech, or super-whatever these Secrets hold in the upcoming publications.

SEVEN SECRETS #2 is now available.

Check back in a few weeks for my thoughts on the third issue of this series.

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Jeffrey Venture is a noob gamer, an okay writer, comic book enthusiast, social media fiend, and creator of the D&Dify It series on YouTube. You can connect with him on Twitter where he mostly posts memes for D&D and all things internet culture.

Jeffrey Venture
Jeffrey Venture
Jeffrey Venture (he/him) is a Dungeon Master, SDCC Badge Holder, Writer, and all-around giant nerd. He mostly posts here about Dungeons & Dragons stuff, as well as Comic-Con updates and comic book reviews. You can catch him on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube for more D&D stuff, including his #DnDifyIt series.

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