SVCC 2019: In Conversation with Russell Nohelty (ICHABOD JONES: MONSTER HUNTER)


Russell Nohelty is a creator we’re big fans of here at The Convention Collective, back from when we showcased his incredible PIXIE DUST book on the An Englishman In San Diego site. Russell is a man of immense imagination and boundless enthusiasm for the comic storytelling medium and yet it appears that comics alone can’t contain all the stories he has to offer.

Ahead of his Kickstarter for the relaunch of ICHABOD JONES, which goes live on Tuesday 3rd September. our ‘man on the ground’ Dan Berry spoke to Russell at Silicon Valley Comic Con where he was sharing with fans all the updates, not only on his current projects but also plenty of stuff he’s got coming down the pipe, even into next year. Safe to say, according to this interview, Russell has plenty to keep himself occupied for a while to come…!

Listen to the whole interview here:

Find out more about Russell and his various books and projects at: 

Thanks to Russell for his generous time during what sounds like a very busy SVCC 2019 and to Dan for setting up and conducting the conversation


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