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TED LASSO S2 E3 ‘Do The Right-est Thing’ Review

Whereas Richmond FC might be struggling to find success on the pitch, the same cannot be said about season 2 of “Ted Lasso” which is breaking all records at Apple TV.

This more dramatic episode commits time to fleshing out the characters of the players.

Episode 3 continues the drama of Jamie Tartt’s– – played by Phil Dunster – unwelcome return to Richmond FC with the other players struggling to accept Coach Lasso’s decision. Fans of the show might understand where the players are coming from as Phil Dunster was particularly good in season 1 at making Jamie Tartt a really unlikeable character. We’re able to see a different side of the usually selfish Jamie Tartt as he tries to make amends for the upset caused in season 1.

We’re also provided with the pleasure of seeing another side to Ted Lasso through the introduction of Led Tasso. Whereas Ted is always a supportive friend, Led is more likely to shout abuse at you for your failings. In an episode with not many laughs, Led Tasso is the highlight.

Football has always attracted questionable sponsorships and episode 3 deals with this through key player, Sam Obisanya – played by Toheeb Jimoh. Although this part of the episode has few laughs, it does a somewhat effective job of exploring the dilemma of doing business with unethical companies. It is a quite simplistic take on this complicated issue but it is nice to spend some time with some of the supporting characters.

Episode 3 is more serious in tone and there are not as many laughs as what has come to be expected from our favourite coach. After a strong start, episode 3 sees “Ted Lasso” takes some time to catch its breath.

The third episode of Ted Lasso airs on Apple TV on 6th of August with a new episode released every week.

Are you a fan of the series? What do you think about the new season? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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