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THAT’S A WRAP movie review – All the ingredients for a perfect Halloween treat

Director: Marcel Walz
Starring: Cerina Vincent, Monique Parent, and Sarah French
Movie Length: 1 hour 34 minutes

What it’s about: At a film’s wrap party someone dressed as the film’s slasher shows up to bring the horrific murders of the film to life through violent acts of staged murder. All of the partygoers start to disappear one by one until a nefarious plot is revealed. 

What Corey thought: I really enjoyed this film! It’s campy, gory, funny, and even manages a bit of a twist that I certainly didn’t see coming! It’s a little bit Scream , a little bit Suspiria and 100% giallo. Since the film takes place at an after party it’s shot with a bit of a dreamy high contrast techno backdrop. The director dials up some seriously vivid and bright lighting sequences that add a depth of surreality to the film. This coupled with some pretty gnarly practical effects and a few well placed jump scares and you have all the crucial traits of a good horror flick. 

While the film is 100% a horror movie first and foremost there are some themes that are tossed about regarding the prior state of the movie industry, etc. It’s very much a social commentary on chauvinism, equality, and the many other black marks that have marred the industry in the past. I also had one of the most memorable LOL moments I’ve had in some time during one particular scene with a sliced member. haha. I don’t want to spoil it but if you love creative kills you will not be disappointed! Last but not least, no slasher film would be complete without a little nudity and you’ll find that here too! It has it all folks! All the ingredients for a perfect Halloween treat! Don’t miss this indie horror flick now out on VOD. 

My rating – 9/10 Great!! 

That’s a Wrap is now available on VOD services and DVD.

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Corey Newell
Corey Newell
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