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UNICORN STORE Film Review: Pam Halperts of the World Rejoice!!!

Unicorn Store was written by Samantha McIntyre and directed by Brie Larson. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Shortly after the release of Marvel’s Captain Marvel, Dan asked me if I would watch and review Unicorn Store. I didn’t know anything about it aside from the fact that Brie Larson directed the film, which honestly was enough for me. After watching and loving her work in several other films and TV shows, I will basically watch her in anything. This movie met and exceeded all my expectations. Some minor spoilers ahead, but I will keep the major reveals under wraps.

Larson not only directs but plays the main character, Kit. Kit lives at home with her parents and seeks a future in the arts. Unfortunately, as many people in their 20’s right now know, that is not always a path to financial security. As a result, she feels required to get a job at a temp agency. Soon after she is contacted by an individual who goes by The Salesman, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who tells her that unicorns are real. Not only do they exist, but if she is willing to put in the work, Kit could own one! While this seems far too good to be true, she elects to do what The Salesman asks of her and turns her attention and small amount of money to readying herself for a unicorn friend.

As the film goes on, I found myself asking a lot of questions. Are the unicorns real? Is The Salesman pulling an elaborate con on Kit? Is Kit ok? You can’t help but ask yourself what you might do in Kit’s situation as well. If someone approached you and said you could have your childhood dreams if you compromised your adult stability what would you do? What’s stopping you from doing it right now? As a creative person with my own Etsy shop (<- shameless plug) I wound up connecting to Unicorn Store in ways I never anticipated.

One other major element of the film is interpersonal relationships. Kit struggles to love herself, and those around her. Her parents are distant, and she doesn’t have any real friends. Her time with The Salesman at The Store helps her to work on those areas of her life. It was beautiful to see her acknowledge and work out her issues communicating with others.

I recommend this film to people who love The Office. Kit really reminds me of Pam, and how much Pam just wants to share her art with the world but finds herself stuck behind a desk. I immediately connected with that characterization as a 20-something who’s working outside their intended field of study. This is the kind of movie I want more of in my life.

This film is about anyone who grew up wanting to be creative and got lost in a job they never thought they would have. It’s for people who feel like their passions will never be good enough for the world. It’s for people who just want to believe that the world isn’t as mundane as it seems. If that sounds like you, prepare for a treat with Unicorn Store!

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Samantha Maybe
Samantha Maybehttps://www.theconventioncollective.com
Sam is a San Diego transplant and SDCC attendee of 5+ years. Recently, she rediscovered a love for reading prose, and loves staying plugged into the comics world through The Convention Collective, and the SDCC graphic novel book club. You can find more of her bookish thoughts on Instagram @Sammaybereading.

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