WE RIDE TITANS #1 review – Pacific Rim With Heart (Dean, Piriz, Cunniffe, Campbell, Daniel) Vault Comics


Thanks to Vault Comics for the review copy!

We Ride Titans takes the mech vs. kaiju mayhem of Pacific Rim and uses that as the hook to explore some interesting family dynamics. The Hobbs family pilots the town’s mech, which defends the city against the huge monsters that apparently attack it periodically. Kaiju stories are always fun, but what this title brings to the table is an interesting set of characters. Protagonist Kit is estranged from the rest of her family until a situation arises that requires them to try to bring her back into the fold.

Aside from a battle during the early part of the issue, the bulk of this issue is used to introduce Kit and her family. The world the story takes place in is hinted at, but we don’t know where the monsters come from or why they are fighting cities. In the long run, that’s less necessary than mech versus monster fighting, but it will be interesting if the series fills in some backstory as it progresses.

While there isn’t a ton of fighting in this issue, the art is exceptionally well executed. One standout sequence features nearly identical panels with subtle differences. Pay attention to the facial expression and body language shifts of the characters. Another panel makes great use of white space to enhance what the character is feeling. The art combines with the dialogue to help the reader relate to Kit, which is no small feat given the fact that none of the books readers has likely piloted a giant robot.

If you like Pacific Rim (the first one, not the horrible sequel) or the comic Big Girls, you will like We Ride Titans. If you need a tag line summary, I’d say We Ride Titans is Pacific Rim with heart thanks to its family dynamic. There is some cursing, but the violence thus far is blood free.

WE RIDE TITANS #1 is available now, the second issue is set to be released on February 23rd.

Have you picked up the issue, and if not are you going to? What were your thoughts on the issue, if you’ve read it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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