11th wave of DKE Toys exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con revealed today


With their 11th (of 13) waves of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, DKE Toys revealed 3 different movie inspired designer toys. (See the previous waves here).

As with all the other exclusives, if you can’t make it to the show you can email dketoys@gmail.com to be placed on a waitlist for any leftovers after the show.

The first is a Terminator 2: Judgment Day inspired piece from Danny Wicked. Wood T-1000 is a hand cast and painted 6″ carded figure. The figure is part of a signed and numbered edition of 30, all of them are signed and numbered with a retail price of $65
Instagram: @danny_wicked

Info from the press release:
Toyminator is artist Danny Wicked’s new Bootleg toy series featuring a mash up of everyone’s favorite Cyborg and Space Ranger. This is the first of a new 3 figure series with the first figure being released at SDCC 2019. The “WOOD-T-1000” is the first figure in the series and features TWO separately cast resin pieces that are hand cast and hand painted by the artist. Ole spud gets in on the gruesome action by helping WOOD-T-1000 recreate an Iconic Scene from T2. Follow Danny’s Instagram page to see progress photos as well as a teaser trailer for this Insane Bootleg toy. This Summer, Humankind’s fight against the Machines goes to Infinity….And Beyond!!!

Bio: Danny Wicked is a weirdo artist of many mediums and makes his creations out of the S.C.A.M. gallery in Salem Massachusetts.

Next up is Symbiotetrooper by The Katerpillar. The collaboration between Virva Peiko and Kill! is a mashup of a certain Marvel Comics Symbiote and a character from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. It’s a hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure that comes signed and numbered edition. The figure was limited to 25 pieces and retails for $55. Check them out on Instagram @virvapeikko  @hardcoredvda

From the press release: The Katerpillar (collab team of Virva Peiko and Kill!) are back with this year’s mash up. Since creating The Katerpillar in 2012, KiLL! and Virva Peikko have made many quality art figures in resin, as well as producing comics and other strange creations.

Last up for this wave is a release from Flat Bonnie. Chewbactus is a hand made 11″ vinyl pleather plush. Each piece of the numbered edition of 20 is signed. Each piece is 100% animal friendly and will run you $100. Find her on Instagram @flatbonnie as well as Facebook and Twitter @Flatbonnie

From the press release: Flat Bonnie helps raise awareness of abandoned animals, and the importance of adopting when you are ready for a new friend. A generous portion of sales is donated to bunny/animal rescue organizations monthly.


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