BYTE-SIZED #1 review: Home for the Holidays (Bunn, Blake II, Cortez, Cipriano, Rahzzah) AWA Upshot


Thanks to AWA Upshot for the review copy!

BYTE-SIZED is a new four part miniseries that seems to take inspiration from the classic movie Gremlins. Like Gremlins, BYTE-SIZED is set during the holidays and features an entrant into a family home. BYTE-SIZED even has Gizmo! In this case he is the family dog while the plot role filled by the Mogwai in Gremlins is filled by a sort of cute robot.

If BYTE-SIZED is influenced by the movie, issue 1 is largely focused on the part of the movie before the credits that sets up the story. In this case, we get a lot of background into the byte-sized robot and how it came to be at the main character’s house for the holiday. Like Jaws, we don’t actually see the robot very well until later in the book (though it is on the cover). The plot pacing really does feel like a movie, which leads me to believe things will ramp up quickly in the next issue.

This book is rated all ages, and the art is consistent with that. The coloring is bright and vibrant with bold lines making the images crystal clear. The art would fit in an animated cartoon show. While the first few pages hint at a government experiment gone awry (as many scary movies do), there is nothing scary for young readers.  

BYTE-SIZED is off to a good start and seems like a good story for families to enjoy over the holidays. Only time will tell how close the plot hews to its Gremlins inspiration.  

BYTE-SIZED #1 is set for release on December 9th.

Check back in a few weeks for my thoughts on the second issue of this four part series.

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