DEADBOX #1 review – Blockbuster Potential


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Deadbox is a play on words with the Redbox DVD rental kiosks that you still sometimes see near grocery stores (they’ve somehow outlasted Blockbuster). While I’ve never actually rented a movie from one, the few times I’ve stopped to examine those machines, I’ve noticed that I haven’t heard of half of the movies for rent. Deadbox’s creative team must have had the same experience, as they play with that concept here.

The first issue of the series has three main storylines. The main character, Penny, is a girl who should be in college but is stuck at home working in a convenience store while she takes care of her dad. The titular Deadbox is in that store, and there seems to be something not quite right about it.  The movie Penny rents from the box forms a story-within-a-story.  This was my favorite part of the issue, as I found myself engrosed by “The Lonely Planet.”  I wonder if each issue will feature a new movie from the Deadbox.  Finally, the issue sets up a mystery about what is really ailing Penny’s Dad.

In addition to telling a great self contained story via the movie rental, Deadbox does a great job of introducing the ongoing story.  The issue is filled with big ideas and philosophical questions (some members of the small town are surprisingly well read). The video rental box may be cursed, but it certainly isn’t dead. Fans of the horror/suspense genre will like Deadbox, but so far there isn’t anything particularly graphic or unsettling.

The first 2 issues of Deadbox are now available. The 3rd issue of the series is due out on December 15th, 2021.

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