JENNY ZERO #1 review – Fish Cannon (Dwonch, McKinney, King, Huang) Dark Horse Comics


Thanks to Dark Horse Comics for the review copy!

JENNY ZERO is set in a future where giant monsters plague the world. Jenny is the kind of alcohol and drug using protagonist that you would expect to be the least likely to be relied on to fight monsters (when we meet her, she downs some pills with whiskey when she wakes up). After introducing us to Jenny and the world of giant monsters, a flashback fills in more of the details about Jenny and the situation.

This isn’t the first book to employ giant monsters as the antagonists, but what sets this title apart is it’s creative use of weaponry to fight those monsters. Where many movies and books rely on giant mech robots, JENNY ZERO uses a crazy fish cannon (Is it a cannon that shoots fish, or a cannon made of fish? You’ll have to read the issue to find out).  JENNY ZERO also successfully introduces a hero who feels organically flawed, but who is generally good at her core. Setting up her character this way makes what happens in the last third of the book fit with the character.  

From the fish cannon to the giant monsters, this book includes some striking visuals. The book also uses varied angles and perspectives to lend the book a cinematic flavor. The sound effects lettering is also notable, as it shifts the font and color to match the sound.    

JENNY ZERO has cursing, brief nudity, and alcohol and drug use, so this is definitely a title where some parental discretion should be used. There’s a pretty big cliffhanger at the end of the issue, so be prepared to pick up issue 2.

JENNY ZERO #1 is now out.

Check back in a few weeks for my thoughts on the 2nd issue of the series.

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