Sandbox: eigoMANGA Launches A Free Streaming Service Called ‘Comic Climax’


Entertainment production and publishing company eigoManga this week announced a free streaming service.

The service titled Comic Climax will let users read comics both offline and online, access animation, soundtracks, and more.

At launch the service will lets users read such independent comics as GIVE MY REGARDS TO BLACK JACKVANGUARD PRINCESS, and more. Also available at launch will be original animation videos including DEMIAN, BREAK UPS, SHORT AGE and the VANGUARD PRINCESS video game soundtrack and more. 

Full press release is below. All images courtesy of eigoManga. 

San Francisco, CA — November 13, 2018 — eigoMANGA announced today that the company has launched a free comic media streaming service for iOS and Android called 'Comic Climax'.

'Comic Climax' includes access to digital comics, video animation, and music soundtracks. Users are be able to stream and discover comic media, search and filter by genre, creator and title, save comics to read offline, as well as find out more about their favorite creators.

At launch, the service includes comic titles such as, 'Give My Regards To Black  Jack', 'Vanguard Princess', 'Danity Kane', 'God Drug', 'Soul Ascendance', original animation videos such as 'Demian', 'Break Ups', 'Short Age', the official soundtrack to the video game 'Vanguard Princess', and the award-winning feature-length animated film 'Padak' among others.

"Our aim in developing 'Comic Climax' was to create a platform where users can effortlessly access comics, animation, music all-in-one app," claims eigoMANGA's publisher Austin Osueke.

'Comic Climax' is free to download worldwide on iOS and Android with no sign up required to access the streaming service.

'Comic Climax' is eigoMANGA's latest digital comic distribution platform; in March 2018, the company released a virtual reality (VR) digital comic app for iOS and Android called 'ComX VR'.

More information on 'Comic Climax' can be found on it's eigoMANGA page at 


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