Review by Ali Raphael


Writer: Carlos Giffoni Cover and Interior Artist / Colorist: Juan Doe Letterer: Matt Krotzer Editor: Chas! Pangburn

Thanks to Dark Horse for providing a copy for review.

Here we go! The last issue of STRAYED!! As we left off, Kiara took a bullet meant for Lou and Lou jumped into Robert’s mind after he shot her. As Lou is going through the memories Robert has of himself and his friendship with Peely, seeing that love is an important connection for a person to have and if they don’t have it. Well, they can go pretty evil, in Peely’s case.

Okay then, we have now jumped into the middle of a battle. The battle being all the planets being attacked on Peely’s orders, and Lou is going through each one to record it and connect the people there and the humans on his own. All the while Robert and everyone else is able to see what has been going on, Robert being able to see the era of his evil ways. As people are seeing this, they attack Peely and bring him down. Lou and Kiara were able to show everyone all of Peel’s lies and the truth of what has been happening on those other planets and their very own. Lou comes back to his own body, and we see that Kiara has bled out and died. Lou lays down and curls up next to her and dies too because the strain on his body was too much. 

This is a short review of this issue of Strayed #5, but it does end on a sad but also predictable ending of Lou dying because astral projecting was too much for his small feline body to take. Overall this was an interesting comic series to read, even with the shortness of the series and predictable ending. I mean who else has written about a talking cat in space? No one, and this comic did it in a very cool way. I look forward to seeing what the artists and writers come up with next!

STRAYED #5 is now available.

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