MCM London Comic Con 2018: White Noise Studios Panel (Friday 26th October 2018)


The idea of a comics artists studio is nothing new… but a comics writers studio? That’s something new – usually, egos get involved and things get hot under the collar. What such a collaboration would require is some level heads, concentrated brainstorming and very good mates.

Thankfully, in the shape of writers Alex Paknadel (FRIENDO, TURNCOAT), Ryan O’Sullivan (VOID TRIP, WARHAMMER: DAWN OF WAR II), Dan Watters (LIMBO, THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE: LUCIFER), Ram V (PARADISO, THESE SAVAGE SHORES), that’s exactly what’s come together to form their new umbrella of UK comics talent called White Noise Studios.

At MCM London Comic Con, where all four were tabling in the Comic Village, the chaps came together for one of the first panels of the weekend, to talk about the genesis of the project, what they have learned from the initial releases under the name and what comics readers can expect in future from White Noise. Leonard Sultana (An Englishman In San Diego) was charge at last minute to find out more about what brought these incredible creative minds together and what people can expect from them in the future. Enjoy!

A colleage writing for another site, Olly MacNamee, has also written up a cracking profile interview with a couple of the chaps, over at – do check it out because it’s a brilliant read:


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