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THE GREAT BRITISH BUMP OFF #1 review – Competitive baking at its most vile (Allison, Sarin, Boras, Campbell) Dark Horse Comics

Script: John Allison
Art: Max Sarin
Colors: Sammy Borras
Letters: Jim Campbell
Designer: David Nestelle
Digital Art Technician: Ann Gra
Editor: Daniel Chabon
Assistant Editors: Chuck Howitt-Lease and Misha Gehr

Thanks to Dark Horse for the review copy!

It’s the Great British Bake Off meets Glass Onion in this whodunnit murder mystery. It’s competitive baking at its most vile. Shauna, one of the contestants and only student of the group, is out to win the competition. When a fellow contestant is poisoned and left for dead she drops the apron and puts on her thinking cap hoping to solve the case before she’s eliminated or worse yet, murdered!

I loved the art and writing in this first issue. It’s whimsical and fun. You can almost smell the scones and tarts in the air. The book feels like it could be set in the same universe as John Allison’s Giant Days (which Max Sarin also did art for on many issues) but is uniquely it’s own thing at the same time. Especially with being set in England. It’s witty, charming, and funny at times especially as our main character Shauna begins to seek out the murderer. She even creates a cross matrix to help her narrow it down! The remaining competitors, each with their personality and background, really help to flesh out the story. Some are funny. Some are ill-tempered. Some come off as quite innocent even. In this way you are able to take on the role of detective yourself, further immersing yourself in the story. There is a bit of a twist near the end where you start to look at things from a completely different perspective but we will have to wait and see what happens in the next issue! Maybe it’s just shade. Maybe it’s just plot thickener. Maybe the writer is out to trick even us? Nonetheless if you are into quirky mysteries with a side of baking and a teaspoon of that dry British sense of humor you might find this delicacy to your liking.

My rating 8/10 – Great!

THE GREAT BRITISH BUMP OFF #1 is now available.

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Corey Newell
Corey Newell
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