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CADDY HACK movie review – Bloody, raunchy, sick, and twisted…and I loved it

Director: Anthony Catanese
Starring: Dana Ackerman, Max Alvarado, and Joe Biedron
Runtime: 1 hour 15 minutes

What it’s about: A struggling golf course, The Glory Hole, tries to cover up a string of murders happening on the property while the groundskeeper, owner, and staff wage war against the bunch of mutated gophers who are responsible. 

What Corey thought: This was actually a lot more entertaining than it sounds! It’s bloody, raunchy, sick, and twisted. I also laughed out loud a bunch of times and enjoyed several of the gags and jokes. The movie doesn’t ever take itself seriously and it actually is a lot better for it. You can tell that the crew just set out to have a good time and somehow it works! Sure, it’s a little cheesy and corny. 

So much so that it’s about one ingredient short of a tamale! However, it’s also genuine, heartful and fun! The special effects are nothing to write home about but I’m pretty sure it was all intended that way. Putting stellar FX in a movie like this would be like putting A.1. Steak Sauce on filet mignon. It just doesn’t need it! At times I felt this movie would have fit perfectly in the Troma catalog as if Lloyd Kaufman himself had directed it. I mean that as a compliment as those were some of my favorite movies growing up. I still watch and share them to this day. I plan to go back and see what else Cantanese has in his portfolio ASAP! If you are looking for something entertaining and light for the weekend or while hanging with a bunch of friends this might just be the perfect solution. 

My rating – 8/10 Great!! 

Caddy Hack is now available via digital VOD services, and will be released on a special edition Blu-Ray on October 24th.

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Corey Newell
Corey Newell
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