COPRA #1 review: Let’s Get Confused

Review by Ali Raphael


Writer and Artist: Michel Fiffe

Thanks to Image Comics for providing a copy for review. 

Copra #1 may be the first issue, but there is nothing to suggest that you’ll know what’s going on. There is no backstory, just a quick page with the main focus characters names. Even that is hard to follow with so many characters that are on center stage. None of this bothered me at first, nope.

I knew the plot and backstory would come soon, and that the story must be ramping up to it. Sadly, this did not happen anytime soon. The other big thing that stuck out to me was that within the first two pages, the supposed villain busts into Copra’s current resting place of hotel rooms in Miami. It’s almost eerie how much this villain’s outfit looks like The Punisher from the older Marvel comics. Actually, even what we can see of his half burned off human face he does look alike to Frank Castle (The Punisher) in the older comics. I was mainly thinking about why The Punisher was showing up and being the bad guy in Copra.

Anyway, as the story goes on there is no explanation in the story about the characters. Who by the way, are all over the place, to the point where your not sure who is who and where they currently are (or if their dead). When we finally do get any information on the story, it comes after you’ve finished reading. It comes as a seemingly endless amount of information, at the back of the comic and it’s almost too much information that is shoved at you. Especially after you’ve spent 28 pages trying to follow what was happening in the story, you are hit with too much details.

Copra #1 is now available.

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