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Writer: David Dastmalchian Artist: Lukas Ketner Colorist: Lauren Affe Letterer: Frank Cvetkovic

Thanks to Dark Horse for providing a copy for review. 

Picking up right where we left off, from what I recall- Jerri was being attacked by a wolfman. Everyone caught up? Good.

The guy attacking her turns into a werewolf and starts after her, she attacks back with a gun. Shooting him? No, but getting close enough to pistol whip him. Then of course diving into her car to get the hell away from him, as she does this, Jerri keeps telling herself that it’s just the booze that’s making her see this. It’s not real. Yeah, this doesn’t last long for Jerri as we see the wolfman closing in through her rearview mirror.

As Jerri sees him, she first flips him off then runs his ass over. Sadly, this still doesn’t take him out. He breaks into the car and the last thing we see and that Jerri remembers is going off the road into a tree and shooting. Skip to the next day, where Jerri is being woken up by an old friend of her brothers, who’s also a cop. She still tries to make herself believe it was all a dream and telling the cop a really big dog kept coming at her when she was driving (which should of course explain the booze in the car, the gun and her running the car off the road and side swiping a tree. The car by the way is in better shape then Jerri is, even after all this shit). Jerri takes off before she can get a ticket, as she does the cop takes a look at the tree and finds a bullet and a thick tuft of hair…

Jerri hot foots it back to the TV station to find out about the real Count Crowley, Rich Barnes. As she busts through her brother’s office looking for any info on Barnes, her brother goes on and on about how good the ratings were last night when she hosted and that he always liked Barnes.

Although, he did think he was a little strange. When all of this is happening, the cop from before, who is also a friend of her brother comes in to talk with them about Jerri. He lets her brother know how he found her that morning, and they both try to convince her she needs help and A.A. She pretty much ignores them and heads to the address that she found that Rich Barnes should be at.

Barnes has pretty much the creepy house that you hear about people getting murdered in, you know, from a visual point. No one answers the door, Jerri doesn’t leave and will try again another day. Nope. She breaks in through the window, and narrowly misses an axe trap. Yes, I did axe trap. It would seem that Barnes was a wee paranoid and booby trapped his home. So, if someone tries to break in through the window, an axe will swing around to get them in the face. Anyway back to the story, as Jerri takes a look through the house. We see rotting jack-o-lanterns everywhere, and oh a cat that pops out of nowhere. When you really think this could not get stranger, the cat leads Jerri to an office door, then to where the key is hidden to get inside.

I will now take this small moment to mourn the book that gave its life to have a key shaped cut into its pages, just to hide this dumb key. Now, I’ve read a lot of gross and things that have freaked me out. I literally did a review of a comic book not to long ago that had a stripper take off her clothes then her skin. Seeing the state of this book was worse. I mean who does that?! Monsters, that is who.

Back to the comic! The key opens the pretty fantastic looking office a person could have (still not worth the book!), and an answering machine with a hell of a lot of missed calls and voicemails. As Jerri is trying to get into the desk and a locked drawer, someone else breaks in. They get a sledgehammer to the face. but it has no effect on them. I’m also going to point out that they look/act an awful lot like Frankenstein’s Monster.

As the person/monster comes into the office, Jerri and the cat hide off to the side of the desk. To distract the person so she and the cat can get away, Jerri throws beets that are laying near her at the guys face. Jerri and her new super cat sidekick jump out the window she broke into to get out, the person tries to go after her and grab her, but she is able to get a couple of rounds off as she’s running back to her car. Jerri is shooting blindly behind her hoping to hit the guy but before the two can drive off into the sunset, the big guy punches Jerri through the hood of her car and that’s how we are left hanging till we can get the next issue.


If you missed my review of the first issue, check it out here.

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Ali Raphael
Ali Raphael
Ali is a professional workaholic but likes to add more to her plate by reviewing comics/books/ tv shows/movies and anime. In every other waking moment, she breathes books, manga and anything Marvel. Every day she wishes she was a Part-Time Avenger, instead of a full-time Target employee.

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