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CRONE #2 review (Culver, Greenwood, Simpson, Brosseau) Dark Horse – Blade up-keep is KEY

WriterDennis Culver Interior and Cover ArtistJustin Greenwood ColoristBrad Simpson LettererPat Brosseau

Thanks to Dark Horse for providing a copy for review.

The issue starts off with Bloody Bliss in her younger years, laughing and joyous as she is victorious in battle and holding the severed head of her greatest enemy D’KAYDE. After winning this battle and freeing the people her enemy had made into slaves, the now free people offer all the riches and to make her their queen, she refuses (I don;t think I would have turned this offer down, I can see myself in a crown). They said after that they saw her smile at a young woman, the first time they have ever seen her smile outside of battle. 

Now back to the present, where Bloody Bliss is an old crone. Although, I do want to intervene here and say that I think she fell in love with that young woman from before. But back to the story, Bliss comments that she did fall in love “like a damn fool”. I’m going to take a big leap here and say that the love she’s talking about did not end well. As a result of that love, Bliss tries every morning to see if she has the courage to jump off the cliff to end her awful life (this really doesn’t sound like Bloody Bliss). She tells them that there are younger and stronger warriors then her, an old crone now. They argue about D’KAYDE being really dead, and now alive again. Gaspar swears that it was him he saw, not just the helmet he’s known for wearing. Even though Gaspar did see Bliss kill him, it is him-he is back somehow. He then goes on to call Bliss many names, and tells her she needs to honor her promise to him- a blood oath. 

Another flashback moment happens next, of Bliss with the woman she fell in love with, Ella. Bliss taught her how to fight and Ella tried to love the battle as Bliss did, but could not. They found their home together on the same mountain that Bliss is currently refusing to leave. Bliss would leave Ella at home and go fight, then sometimes come back home. Ella used to beg her to stay, and Bliss never did. After the last of D’KAYDE’s men fell, Bliss dragged her feet in coming home. But, Ella wasn’t there when she got back. She had left and left a note telling Bliss that she could wait and see if she came back home. Bliss then stayed for Ella, but stayed and waited for death instead (because it would come for her, when she knew Ella never would).

Bliss goes to the makeshift grave we have seen a few times now, on the edge of the cliff. She digs up all the relics from her former days as Bloody Bliss, because she is back and going to join the fight. This is all nice and stuff, but there is no way Bliss is going to be able to wear the same scraps of cloth from her younger days (not mean, just oh so true). She also digs up her sword “Mordenstorm”, and head off the mountain. Bliss also decides she will train Gaspar’s daughter on their journey, and as they are making their way back to civilization- they are finding people burned to crisps in stakes. Bloody Bliss walks off to find the people responsible, even though Gaspar tries to tell her not to, that they need to keep the element of surprise. But Bliss being Bloody Bliss, keeps going and says this is the first lesson for Corinne to learn. “We do not ignore the cries for help”, as the two women go ahead of Gaspar. They come upon skull looking guys rounding up people in chains, and Bliss charges into battle with them. All the while they are taunting her and underestimating her. But, with the first strike of Bliss’s blade, it breaks. This is where people should know by now you have to take care of blades and metal. If you leave them in the dirt for years on end- they will get rusty and weak and most likely will break with any type of force presses onto them. 

I have to say that I am very much looking forward to issue three of CRONE, I gotta know how Bloody Bliss will react to breaking her sword. 

CRONE #2 is now available.

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Ali Raphael
Ali Raphael
Ali is a professional workaholic but likes to add more to her plate by reviewing comics/books/ tv shows/movies and anime. In every other waking moment, she breathes books, manga and anything Marvel. Every day she wishes she was a Part-Time Avenger, instead of a full-time Target employee.

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