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First official images from Jack Venturo’s THE REPOSSESSION movie released

Back in March, Jack Venturo who is one of our favorite artists / maker of dioramas announced a new movie titled THE REPOSSESSION and an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for it.

Since then the fund raising campaign hit its goal, and they just recently completed filming on the movie. The movie is now in the post production stage and a first cut of the film is being edited. Since the filming of the movie is completed the first official character images from the film have now been made available.

Venturo wrote, directed, and will edit the movie about a woman who finds herself in an abandoned place and must find her way back.

The main cast for the movie is Michaela Myers as Judy Whitaker, Maria Olsen as Alice Whitaker, Megan Feely as Valerie Whitaker. The cinematographer for it is Chris Jackson, and Iran Garcia will be overseeing the composing of the music for the film.

Check out the images below, as well as the official IMDb page for the movie, as well as for Jack Venturo, or their website and social media channels.





Being that we are a fan of the man behind the production, we can’t wait to see it once it has gone through the editing process!

All photos are courtesy of Venturo Productions and were taken by Steve Meier.

Steve Meier is an artistic portrait photographer that calls Los Angeles home. He has a particular love of abandoned places, and draw his inspiration from his surroundings. Steve will often explore the late night with friends, just to capture the sights that most people do not see. His work has been viewed in multiple books and magazines. To see more of Steve’s work, visit his website at http://www.4yourpictures.com/

Dan Berry
Dan Berry
Dan Berry is a man of mystery, an enigma that flits from convention to convention like a spectre, like a spirit. His interests range far and wide: he cannot be determined, he cannot be defined, he cannot be contained. He's like the wind. He also is a Sagittarius and enjoys a nice Italian.

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