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FrotoMadness’ weekly comic reviews (March 13th 2021) CROSSOVER #4, HAHA #2 – Image Comics

CROSSOVER #4 from the team of Writer Donny Cates, Artist Geoff Shaw, Colorist Dee Cunniffe, Letterer and Designer John J. Hill, with Story Edits by Mark Waid.

As it continues CROSSOVER gets more and more exciting. In this issue Otto and Ellie get that much closer to finding Ava’s parents. With the help of Madman and his superhero friends it seem highly more likely to happen. Unfortunately for the unlikely heroes things are not as easy as they’d like, new obstacles and challenges are around every corner. Like issues 1-3 we are introduced to a new character, said character inspires hope in Ellie and Ava making it seem like a real possibility for them both to reunite with their families. I can’t say it enough this issue has twists at every turn It’s hard to keep up with what’s real in this one. I’m finding it hard to only talk about this issue when the entire series draws you in. I only have one negative thing to say, it seems there will be a tie in story. Being a fan of DC’s DCeased I typically wouldn’t care but I’m hoping it’s not necessary for this series. Anyways other than that I still suggest getting into CROSSOVER if you haven’t already. 

CROSSOVER #4 is now out, and a 2nd printing is coming soon.

HAHA#2 from the team of Writer W. Maxwell Prince. Artist Zoe Thorogood, Colorist Chris O’Halloran, with Lettering by Good Old Neon.

I typically talk about the art and panel structure to begin with but this book is so artistically similar to the beginning of issue #1, so I feel like it’s unnecessary. HAHA #2 focuses on Rudolph, a young woman who seems apathetic about putting on a show. This issue starts with her now and takes you back on a long journey through her childhood. A lot like the ICE CREAM MAN series, each issue appears to be its own story. As I mentioned before this issue tells the story of Rudolph’s childhood. It shows where her life began, at twelve years old she ran away to be with her momma. She grew dealing with the things her mother did to make money and you see how it influenced her adult life. You will notice one thing familiar in this issue. Where Rudolph and her mom are heading on their journey, Funland. If you missed issue #1 Funland is the amusement park Bartleby worked out. I’m excited to see the next issue and see what else ties in to Funland throughout this series. 

HAHA #2 is now out.

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