HOTELL #4 REVIEW: Fittingly Gruesome Conclusion (Lees, Talajić, Loughridge, Cipriano, Grant) AWA Studios


Thanks to AWA Studios for the review copy!

HOTELL is a four part anthology series set at a creepy hotel where bad things happen. The title gets its name from the direction sign to the hotel.  By de-lighting the O and the T and adding an L, you turn hotel into hell. The title is a little gimmicky, but the series has been great so I’ll give it a pass.

As was the case with the first three issues, the story is introduced by the hotel manager who functions like a less shriveled Cryptkeeper from the old Tales from the Crypt. He plays a larger role in this issue than the first three, which gives more time to show his creepiness. Keeping with the pattern in the series, this story starts when two guys check into Room #4, with baggage both literal and figurative. While each story has been independent, this resolution of this issue brings them all together providing connectivity to the series. You don’t have to have read prior issues, but some of the things that happen at the end won’t make as much sense if you haven’t.

Issue four is a slow burn, playing with psychology and reserving the the action for the back half of the book. When it kicks in, it goes from 0-60 on a dime, with some truly gruesome imagery. If you’ve enjoyed the first three issues, HOTELL’s conclusion does an excellent job of tying everything up and providing a sense of closure.

HOTELL #4 will be released on August 19th. The first 3 issues are now available either digitally or in your local comic book shop.

Have you read the series? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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