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Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #3 review – Setting the Table

Written by “The Party Patrol” Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin – Art by “Super Foot” Dan Schkade – Inks by “White Hot” David Hahn – Color Art by The Mistress of Mayhem” Marissa Louise– Lettering by A Larger World Studios aka “The Halifax Hot Shots” – Back Matter illustrated by “Mr. Incredible” Kendall Goode – Logo by “Ms. Saturday Night Special” Lindsay Seligman – SBI Press Edition Editor “The Brisbane Butcher” Brendan Wright – Mini Macho’s Dialogue Edited by “Ladies’ Choice” Dan Castro – Design by Fred “Sweet Daddy” Chao and “The Down Under-taker” Simon Robins – Production by “The Ragin’ Gaijin” Conley Presler

Thanks to Suspicious Behavior Productions for the review copy!

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia is about a planet of alien wrestlers who invade our planet because a disgruntled luck pro wrestler used a pizza box as a championship belt and declared himself the Champion of the Galaxy during his promo speech.  As promised, I am going to continue to write a variation of that introduction in each review because its sheer silliness should give you a hint as to what you will get with this comic book.

Where the first two issues moved at a frenetic pace, establishing Rory Landell as the hero (or anti-hero since he’s kind of a jerk) and having the alien wrestlers construct a cage around Earth to set up a … cage match, this issue slows things down a bit.  We start with big bad Manifest Destiny negotiating with Rory’s old promoter to arrange a match. In addition to moving the pieces into place on the alien side of the conflict, this issue spends a lot of time getting Rory’s team back together.  While the plot didn’t move forward much, there was a surprise revelation about alien wrestlers to close out the book that may add some interesting dynamics when the wrestling kicks into high gear.

This issue was not as laugh out loud funny as the prior ones, primarily because there was so much time spent getting the players into position to further the plot.  It’s like the part of the wrestling match where one of the wrestlers is writhing around on the mat while the opponent sets up a table to throw them through. The highlight for me was a newscast providing a glimpse into how the world leaders react to the alien wrestler threat.  I will give the writers credit, they continue to come up with funny, yet believable, wrestling names.  

This series continues to eschew a recap page, but if you read the title, you know what is going on.  Since this issue spends a lot of time setting things up with characters that were already in play, I recommend starting with either the first issue, or the second.

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is being published by Starburns Industries Press! Find it here on Comixology

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is a six-issue mini-series created and written by Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions, the production company they founded in order to waste money. Social media is here: Twitter,  Tumblr,  Instagram, and Facebook.

Check back later this week for my thoughts on the 4th issue of the series.

Are you excited for this series? Feel free to chat with me on Twitter or leave a comment below!

Darren Shulman
Darren Shulman
Darren is a professional lawyer and amateur movie/comic/TV reviewer who is lucky enough to have found a wife who is into the same geeky things he is. Darren has been making the trip from Ohio to San Diego Comic-Con since 2009. Other interests include, in no particular order: monkeys, LEGO, dinosaurs, and playing basketball poorly.

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