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NINE PERFECT STRANGERS S1 review – I guess drugs are the answer?

I guess something a little different for me to review this time folks. It seems that many streaming services are catching on to turning novels into shows and movies, it finally took many of us screaming at them to get the point it seems. Though I haven’t read Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty, jumping straight into the first episode (and the whole series) without a clue to what it was about was a good idea. To give a little backstory, the mini series centers around a cast of people all coming into a resort to help them get through all their rough patches. We follow a family of three still reeling from the loss of their son (and daughters twin brother), a young married couple trying to reconnect, a writer at a dead-end (and who has just been scammed), a mother who can’t let go of her abusive ex, an retired athlete with a drug addiction, and a man who can’t be nice to anyone. A strange combination of people, mixed in with three resort workers and the founder played by a very intense Nicole Kidman.

If you like mystery and a good outcome, I would recommend this series for you. But, you have to give the show two episodes to grab you fully. Because by then you’ll have to keep watching just to see what the heck could happen next. Don’t worry, it’s not a slow or uninteresting show in the least. With sex, drugs, love, and raw emotional trauma that each of these characters work through, you’ll be hooked and thinking about the show when your not watching it. 

Photo credit: Vince Valitutti/Hulu

I found myself coming up with multiple theories on what was going on in the series, backstories, and where it could all lead to in the end. Though I can say I was pleasantly surprised with how everything worked out, and how the series was able to tie everything up pretty nicely (though I was waiting for the other shoe to drop for a bit there). This was a nice break from some of the typical shows that have been coming out recently, while intense with the amount of raw emotions that was gone through in the show, it still gives us a few good laughs and WTF moments too.

As I previously mentioned Nicole Kidman is apart of this star studded cast, we also have Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale, Asher Keddie, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Tiffany Boone, Manny Jacinto, Grace Van Patten, and Regina Hall round out this star studded cast.

Photo credit: Vince Valitutti/Hulu

You can catch this mini series on Hulu to figure out the many mysteries the show has to offer, the main one being how the heck all of these actors worked seamlessly together to create a very interesting show.

Nine Perfect Strangers is available to stream on Hulu.

Are you going watch the show? Have you already? Feel free to leave a comment below or chat with me on Twitter!

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Ali Raphael
Ali Raphael
Ali is a professional workaholic but likes to add more to her plate by reviewing comics/books/ tv shows/movies and anime. In every other waking moment, she breathes books, manga and anything Marvel. Every day she wishes she was a Part-Time Avenger, instead of a full-time Target employee.

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