PCC 2019: In Conversation with Kieron Gillen (Portsmouth Comic Con, Sunday 5th May 2019)


I made two crucial errors when it came to talking to superstar comics writer Kieron Gillen at this years Portsmouth Comic Con: 1, I didn’t hold the chat on Saturday May The Fourth (gettit?), when our conversation about the closure of his run on Marvel ComicsDARTH VADER and STAR WARS would have been a lot more appropriate!

2. Secondly, I really should have determined how long we were going to be talking, considering it was originally intended to be a brief ten, fifteen minutes chat – forty-five minutes later, and we covered all sorts of ground, from his STAR WARS work and how that coincided with the conclusion of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE (Image Comics, with artist Jamie McKelvie), to the incredible success of his new creator-owned title DIE (Image Comics, with artist Stephanie Hans) and his new book, coming from BOOM! Studios and based loosely on Arthurian legend, ONCE AND FUTURE.

I also made the mistake of trying to keep the conversation flowing instead of just letting Kieron talk and talk and talk, which is want to hear – you don’t want to hear me interrupting so I apologise in advance. Still, a great chat and lots of things to unpack in this conversation with a brilliant and fascinating writer… Enjoy!

Thanks to the entire Portsmouth Comic Con team for their help in putting on the event, and to Joel and Andrew for the invitation to participate.

Portsmouth Comic Con is confirmed as returning to the city’s Guildhall in 2020, over the Bank Holiday weekend of Saturday 2nd / Sunday 3rd May. Find out more about the show at their official website, www.portsmouthcomiccon.com

Intro music: ‘Punky’, bensounds.com


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