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PLANET PARADISE graphic novel review – Paradise Lost (Jesse Lonergan) – Image Comics

Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

PLANET PARADISE is an interesting title for this book, as the story actually takes place somewhere else – a place that is anything but paradise. When a rocket ship bound for Planet Paradise crashes, a regular passenger named Eunice struggles against a hostile planet to survive. While there’s plenty of action, the story is equally about how she grows through the ordeal.

What is most striking about this book is its storytelling through its illustrations. There is very less dialogue in the story than you’d expect from a sci-fi tale. The book eschews the type of exposition that futuristic stories usually provide. The book avoids explaining the ship, the planets, and technology and focuses in on what Eunice does. This makes for a breezy read. You don’t really ever feel like she is in real danger, but you do appreciate her pluckiness and perseverance in the face of a bad situation. 

The art reminds me of a newspaper comic strip, with thick lines and washed out colors. There is some violence, but perhaps due to the comic strip style, it seems fairly mild. There is some death, so despite its accessible style, I do not recommend this for the youngest readers.

PLANET PARADISE will be released as a graphic novel on November 11th by Image Comics.

If you read the title and like it, check out some of Jesse Lonergan’s other works on his website.

Are you going to pick up this title? Want to talk to me about it? Feel free to chat with me on Twitter or leave a comment below!

Jeffrey Venture
Jeffrey Venture
Jeffrey Venture (he/him) is a Dungeon Master, SDCC Badge Holder, Writer, and all-around giant nerd. He mostly posts here about Dungeons & Dragons stuff, as well as Comic-Con updates and comic book reviews. You can catch him on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube for more D&D stuff, including his #DnDifyIt series.

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