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Stranger Things Season 3 thoughts: Moving goo and maybe some heartbreak

Minor spoilers ahead

Let’s just start off at the phrase “Fat Rambo” because it fits, it is something that will hit more than one generation when you hear it. It’s something that oddly fits the entire season, along with the statement “you can’t spell America without Erica”.

I marathoned seasons 1 & 2 on the day before I watched season 3, partially because I wanted to see what everyone was talking about, but partially because Stranger Things has been on my Netflix list for a while.

In Season 3 you see an odd combination of the previous seasons, you’ve reached a point where goo can apparently form a creation with bone and guts and life, so how is it just goo? Really?

We have all seen Millie Bobby Brown come into her own in the outside world, so is it really a surprise when she shines in all seasons of this show? The other actors have made a small glimmer in the night, but not as much as she has. Also, how does Nancy Wheeler always know when she hears something weird? It’s happened in each season. Nancy stands up and says “Can you hear that?”, and every idiot never learns.


We could talk about continuity about the Schnapp’s home and how it’s magically repaired, but maybe the company paid them off. You never know, it’s a company just throwing money at something, so maybe some was thrown at the family to pay them off.

Season 3 finally pays attention to what has been fighting the “system” all along and stopping it previously, Eleven. The obvious enemy of this has been the only thing beating Demogorgon and Hive, the previous seasons and it has finally come full focus on her.

The problem is that if you finally come to head with a giant pile of goo that has possessed other human forms and can reform, how do you defeat it? It adapts (literally). They also threw in Russian Terminator, I mean quite literally, if you took the first Terminator and threw in some Russian, it plays an odd character in this season, but does anyone pay attention to the real hero in this at the moment (other than Eleven), Brett Gelman, in his role as Murray Bauman, as the background info spreading confidant. The man who helped give Barb and her family a final peace of mind, and resting place, instead of false hope. He’s almost like MIB if you think about it, the man who would create news in the National Enquirer. Who randomly has an intercom and a video camera confirmation before entering his extremely private, paranoid home.

Also, I’m still a fan of Steve, if you’re not, then game over, don’t read anymore. That kid has done more redeeming things in every single season, that I swear to God if he’s gone, then I’m out. It’s almost annoying how amazing they have built his character to be. I now understand all the articles tracking him in his every day life, although how creepy can you get TMZ?


Does anyone else remember Winona Ryder’s face during the award winning moment for this show in earlier seasons? It’s sometimes all I can see with her when she makes “what are you talking about face” in this season.

Oddly enough…this season makes me want Eggos and Coke, I mean, I always want Coke (not a drug addict, just a soda addict), but now I constantly crave Eggos.

I won’t spoil this for anyone! I feel like you should go through the marathon, and I feel that it’s TOTALLY worth it. 

You have kids who don’t fit in, we can all relate, the cool kid who actually has morals (some relate), the random nerds, the sassy little family member, and then the girl I related to…the one who loved language and number patterns with puzzles, who doesn’t get noticed (whomp). And this may be one of the first TV shows where LGBT shines and that guy with morals, played by Joe Keery? He still pulls through with a bang.

Will the bad boy Billy (Dacre Montgomery) pull through? Do you even want him to?


I have put myself through a lot of tv shows that are AWFUL in the first couple episodes, some Netflix specific, some are not, so it’s so refreshing to finally have a show worth it, every season.

PS: As the girl who won’t spoil it for you, I will still say, all 3 seasons are worth it, and since most seasons peak at season 2, but still make it after, well we will see what season 4 brings, but season 3 is still going strong and making you say “WTF JUST HAPPENED”?, even at the end. The unlikely heroes are just the heroes, and if we couldn’t have that at least just once, then what is entertainment here for?

PPS: Before I marathoned all 3 seasons of Stranger Things, I watched a lot of other shows including High Seas, Versailles, Legacies (sorry Vampire Diaries and the Originals, both which I loved, but I got really bored after more than two episodes of Legacies), Charmed (omg do NOT waste your life on this AWFUL reboot). Save yourself the time and don’t watch those horrible shows.

What did you think about the 3rd season of Stranger Things? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram.

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