Interview: GAIRO CUEVAS (Pixar Animation Studios), In Conversation with Nika Yaya

Interview by Nika Yaya, Your Melanin Gifted Movie Critic


A moment of reflection with Gairo Cuevas 

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gairo (pronounced HI-ro) Cuevas, an aspiring filmmaker, current cinematographer and editor, and artist. Working within the creative content department at the giant that is Pixar while simultaneously creating films in his personal time, that speak to his vision of the world. 

It was apparent that Gairo was like most artists, an introvert, but it didn’t take much to coerce his love for filmmaking out. I can’t wait to see what future celluloid we get from this Latinx artist. 

Here are the trailers for One Long Day, and Hazard which were mentioned during the interview.


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