Strayed #1 review: Finally a comic in which cats can talk and have superpowers

Review by Ali Raphael


Writer: Carlos Giffoni Cover and Interior Artist / Colorist: Juan Doe Letterer: Matt Krotzer Editor: Chas! Pangburn

Thanks to Dark Horse for providing a copy for review.

Main cover of Strayed #1

Strayed is about military scientist Kiara and her cat Lou, who she makes a brainwave translator to talk with him. Yes, I know what you’re all thinking. Kiara is living the dream of all single women, finally being able to talk with her cat with him talking back (instead of knocking things off the counter for no reason).

Anyway, Lou can do a lot more than just talk, he has the ability to astral project himself across the galaxy. As soon as the military gets wind of this Lou is forced to work with them to find another planet like Earth, to expand to and gain resources. Like all action movies and comics involving the military, it’s not hard to see that they want more then first asked of Lou and Kiara. 

Aside from the fun art style of Strayed, knowing that Lou loves Kiara like she loves him is sweet and keeps me wanting to know how this whole thing won’t end up as an army of cats who talk.

After finding the first planet that fits what the military was looking for (on which they find a power source flower), they keep pushing Lou to keep working. They keep Lou away from Kiara and never let them see each other outside of these astral projections sessions. Aside from this, the military has slightly changed Kiara’s invention to use on “the primitives” as they call the natives of the planet that is like Earth.

Lastly, we get to see who aside from the military is our villain. In this case it happens to be the person the military answers to, Premier Peekly, who has some shall we say dark plans.

Strayed #1 is now available.

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