LACC2018 L.A. Comic Con 2018 Review / Photo Gallery


This past weekend in Los Angeles, I attended my fourth straight Los Angeles Comic Con (formerly Comikaze, and Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con).

At first I wasn’t sure how it would be due to the name change, not having Stan Lee attending, or even as part of the name of the show. But I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend there, from the panels, to the cosplay, to the guests, it was a great show all around I felt.

When I wasn’t running around trying to catch as many panels as I could, and see everything possible, I managed to take quite a few pics (ok, over 500 pictures) which you can see below:

Some of my personal highlights include the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel (although only two cast members were present), the Tenacious D panel with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the X-Men: The Animated Series panel, and seeing all the terrific cosplay at the LA Comic Con National Cosplay Championship.

I also picked up two terrific commissions, Despair (from Sandman’s The Endless) done by Bobby Breed, and a Rocket Raccoon sketch cover piece from his creator Keith Giffen with inks done by James Jameson

I also managed to do three different interviews while running myself ragged all weekend. I spoke with Terri Lubaroff, the COO and Head of Content with Legion M about some of their current & upcoming projects, Tom Bilyeu co-owner of comic book publisher Impact Theory as well as a writer on their NEON FUTURE title about their titles. Lastly I spoke with veteran comic book creator Keith Giffen about topics including his career, his feelings about seeing his creations in movies and TV, and more.

All those interviews will be uploaded later this week, so check back soon!

All in all, I had a terrific time at the show, and I am glad I went…now to rest for a few days before two more events this weekend. 


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