mcmLDN18: MCM London Comic Con release full Saturday CRITICAL ROLE panel video


Without a doubt, CRITICAL ROLE was simply the biggest thing to hit MCM Comic Con in 2018, a massive hit that nobody could have anticipated – except, of course, the ‘Critters’, the loyal band followers of the YouTube-based role-playing game group that came out in their thousands to the ExCel Centre in London this past weekend.

The demand to meet and greet with the members of the team that came ove to meet their UK fans was immense, with tickets for the Photo Op sessions selling out in literally seconds. And it was deemed necessary to move the second panel of the weekend – hosted by regular CR partner-in-crime Brian W. Foster – from the tiny Live Stage on the show floor back on to the Main Stage arena area, where Matthew MercerMarisha RayTaliesin JaffeSam Riegel and Liam O’Brien had torn the ceiling off the day before.

Weren’t able to make it to MCM London Comic Con this time round? The good news is, we have you covered. MCM / ReedPOP, in partnership with Cineworld, have released the official video, direct from the Main Stage camera and mic feed for you to enjoy! (And, as a bonus, we’ve also got the link to the not-so-official video of the Sunday panel, as recorded by Bleeding Cool‘s Rich Johnston. So that’s back-to-back CRITICAL ROLE action, just the way you like it.) Enjoy!



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