Each and every Monday, our feature on The Convention Collective – SANDBOX SPOTLIGHT – gives us a chance for us to shine a light on some of the best and brightest creative talents out there (and, with a bit of luck, help raise their income with a bit of a signal boost to the selling of their wares)!

The brainchild of the Sandbox Senior Editor, Dan Berry, SANDBOX SPOTLIGHT will be a growing and evolving collection of interviews profiling comic artists, writers and colourists, illustrators, cosplayers, fanfic writers, independent toy and collectable manufacturers, filmmakers, gamers… basically, anybody that you would usually find in the Artist Alley and on the exhibition floor of your favourite Comic Con – anybody that, right now in this current climate, cannot put their face in the frame and talk to you about themselves or their work, in person.

One aspect on online comic cons that have let the side down a bit, when it comes to what fans can experience at conventions, is the joy of discovering new talent, possibly your new favourite obsession, and taking home with you something that has been crafted and created out of passion and joy. We personally can’t wait to share with you some of our picks of the best around!

If you’re a creative and want to be profiled in SANDBOX SPOTLIGHT, we would love to get you involved – the interviews are text-based and can be completed entirely on your own schedule and terms, no pressure from us… we just want to get the word out about your work.

Reach out to us by getting in contact at, giving us an idea of the work that you do, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

(24/10/21): FRANK GOGOL Some very serious allegations have been levelled at Frank in recent weeks, regarding despicable and unprofessional behaviour at a convention in 2018. Frank has posted on Twitter that he has now taken the accusations into a state of legal proceedings, filing a case of defamation against his character.

I, Leonard Sultana – and, by extension, The Convention Collective – will always take a stance of believing women, minorities and victims in any situation. We accept that Frank has a stance that he feels the need to defend his character against attacks but we also feel that a statement about any legal action made should not have been made in public and that any defence should have taken place in its rightful place: in the legal offices and court.

Until such time as that decision has been made in that rightful place, The Convention Collective feels it is appropriate to remove Frank Gogol’s Sandbox Spotlight profile – reviews that have been made of books that have had Frank’s contribution will be left up as a recognition of the group effort of comics.

Leonard Sultana, EIC The Convention Collective