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Dungeon Craft: Castles & Keeps – Get Ready for Siege Warfare!

The Castles & Keeps companion book for the Dungeon Craft series by 1985 Games gives game masters the tools they need to conduct chaotic castle sieges and run all manner of large-scale wargaming scenarios.

Opening the box, the well-illustrated sheets of scenery, objects, and creatures we’ve come to expect have depictions of castle walls, trebuchets, ruined buildings, orcs, goblins, and more this time. The dry-erase, 1”x1” square grid-mapped pieces are just as easy as ever to drop seamlessly into your game world, or arrange ahead of time for your players to explore as they go along. And for those unfamiliar, these game pieces are all double-sided, with the flip side usually containing something like the destroyed version of a castle wall, the arrow-strewn version of a battlefield, or the bloodied version of a charging goblin and worg.

I’m most excited by the prospect of building a full castle with the pieces provided in this set! Setting up a castle for my players to defend, charging the castles with goblins and orcs, and then destroying the castle walls with trebuchets just seems like such a blast. This set gives me everything I need to do exactly that.

There are also a ton of additional pieces for setting up the interior of a well-furnished castle, which inspires, in me, adventures of castle infiltration and assassinations of nobles. Either way, I’ll be adding a castle worth defending or infiltrating to my game in short time so I can use these awesome gaming assets.

I can’t give enough high praise to 1985 Games for the Dungeon Craft companion books they’ve made thus far, with Castles & Keeps establishing itself as a fine addition to the series. If your game world has even the slightest hint of medieval fantasy to it, I’d highly recommend picking up this companion book so your players can storm the castle or defend the keep.

Dungeon Craft: Castles & Keeps is now available for pre-order.

Jeffrey Venture is a noob gamer, okay writer, comic book enthusiast, social media fiend, and creator of the D&Dify It series on YouTube. You can connect with him on Twitter where he mostly posts memes for D&D and all things internet culture.

What are your thoughts on the companion books from 1985 Games? Want to talk to me about them? Feel free to chat with me on Twitter or leave a comment below!

Jeffrey Venture
Jeffrey Venture
Jeffrey Venture (he/him) is a Dungeon Master, SDCC Badge Holder, Writer, and all-around giant nerd. He mostly posts here about Dungeons & Dragons stuff, as well as Comic-Con updates and comic book reviews. You can catch him on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube for more D&D stuff, including his #DnDifyIt series.

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