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HAIRBALL #4 review – Masterful end to a great mini-series (Kindt, T. Jenkins, H. Jenkins) Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist and Letterer: Tyler Jenkins
Colorist: Hilary Jenkins
Editor: Daniel Chabon
Associate Editor: Chuck Howitt-Lease
Assistant Editor: Misha Gehr
Designer: Patrick Satterfield
Digital Art Technician: Josie Weaver

Thanks to Dark Horse for the review copy!

The dramatic conclusion to one of my favorite horror mini-series this year. Bestie’s story goes back even further than we imagined as we’re taken back to ancient Egypt for her origin and our tale of mystery and the supernatural is once again turned on its head. 

We’ve come full circle in this psychological horror story with a cat protagonist and it’s been a fun little mini-series to read. I would have loved to have seen it fleshed out a little more with a 5th issue but it ultimately quenched my thirst. Kindt did a great job of deflecting and throwing us off the trail throughout the series. We are never quite sure what the cat’s purpose is until the very final few pages. I was engaged the whole series just trying to figure out if it was the girl who was crazy or if the cat was truly evil. I don’t want to spoil the ending but the conclusion works and once you see it your mind is instantly flooded with moments from prior issues where it was right there in front of you. I think the colors and design also played a role in planting certain seeds or perceptions. It’s really masterfully pulled off. If you haven’t read this series I highly recommend you check it out. It’s a fun little read!

My rating – 8/10 Great! 

Hairball #4 is now out.

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Corey Newell
Corey Newell
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