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SVCC 2019: In Conversation with LEGION M (Paul Scanlan & Jeff Annison)

Silicon Valley Comic Con is one of the highlights of our convention calendar, and not just because of the incredible guests and attractions that the show brings together – it’s more the curation of content, the merging of science, technology and breaking of new ground with the worlds of popular culture. It’s a compelling and heady mix and one we always look forward to attending and covering.

A company that really embraces all of those doctrines is LEGION M, a crowd-based entertainment company that draws on the interests (and, yes, funding) of its community, putting the power and influence directly into the hands of the audience. But even when there’s a community in charge, there always has to be someone steering the ship – in this regard, that happens to be company CEO’s Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison.

We’ve spoken to Paul and Jeff a few times over the past few years about Legion M, and once again got the chance to sit down and talk with them about a variety of topics.

Check out the full interview here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/svcc-2019-in-m-29278841

They first introduced the concept of Legion M at Silicon Valley Comic Con so it’s only fitting that the chaps return for this 2019 edition of the convention. Here, they took time to talk to The Convention Collective’s Senior US Correspondent Dan Berry about projects they have on the boil – such as Kevin Smith‘s JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT, MEMORY: THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN (directed by Alexandre O. Philippe who sat down with our on Sam for an interview at SVCC), and some other projects that have yet to see the light of day and projects that are, to put simply, waiting for the world to catch up…

Thanks to Paul and Jeff for taking time out of their busy Silicon Valley Comic Con and also to Dan and Legion M’s Rob Novickas for setting up the conversation…

Dan Berry
Dan Berry
Dan Berry is a man of mystery, an enigma that flits from convention to convention like a spectre, like a spirit. His interests range far and wide: he cannot be determined, he cannot be defined, he cannot be contained. He's like the wind. He also is a Sagittarius and enjoys a nice Italian.

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