THE SCHLUB #1 Review – Pretty entertaining and funny read (Stegman, Porter, Cannon, Spicer, Hill) Image Comics


Writers: Ryan Stegman & Kenny Porter
Artist: Tyrell Cannon
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: John J. Hill

Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

A new action comedy series from one of the co-creators of Vanish and one of the writers of Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow along with the artist of Beef Bros. When down and out failure dentist Roger Dalton accidently swaps bodies with the world’s finest superhero will he finally get his chance at redemption? Can he live up to those lofty expectations? It’s now or never and with Roger Dalton at the helm we might all just be in trouble! 

The Schlub, not just a great title! It’s a pretty entertaining and funny read too! It’s an equal mix of Shazam, Big, and The Jerk all rolled into one. The issue starts with a little comedy at the cost of our main character Roger Dalton and his many woes. He’s a literal schlub as the title of the comic suggests. He’s the last person you would want to see imbued with a superhero’s powers! So then, what do Stegman and Porter decide to do? That exact thing! It’s brilliant really. It’s a trope we have seen before but with a bit of a twist based on just how silly and pathetic the main character is. Cannon’s art is also perfect for this book. It’s light, comical, and full of expression. The colors are vivid and bring the story to life while the lettering also helps elevate the dialogue to achieve the perfect aesthetic. It’s really quite a fun issue to read and there is a lot that can be potentially explored here. While we’re not exactly sure if The Schlub can really fill the shoes of the world’s best superhero we sure as hell are going to find out! With this creative team at the helm it’s looking like it will be a lot of fun in the process. I can’t wait to read the next issue! 

My Rating – 9/10 Great!!

The Schlub #1 is now available.

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