LITTLE MONSTERS #1 – Children Are the Future (Lemire, Nguyen, Wands, Lockard) Image Comics


Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

Little Monsters is about a group of children living in a post-apocalyptic world of some sort. The first issue introduces the characters without much explanation about the world they live in or how they got there. As we meet the characters, hints are dropped about what is going on without resorting to exposition. It’s a great way to hook a new reader, as I’m keenly curious to learn more about what happened to get us to this point.  By the end of the issue, the direction of the story becomes a bit more clear.

The most striking thing about Little Monsters is the art. The book is largely in black and white, with small splashes of color sprinkled in. This makes things like little trickles of blood really stand out. While there isn’t a lot of it, it results in real discomfort when you see it. The character design is also well done. Without being able to use the color of clothing as a crutch, each character is given a unique design that helps set them apart.

Little Monsters is off to a great start, introducing characters and a world I am interested in learning more about. Fans of dystopian stories (I’m thinking I Am Legend, Children of Men, or Y the Last Man) will likely enjoy this book that’s from the same creative team that brought you Ascender, and Descender.

Little Monsters #1 is available now, the second issue is set to be released on April 6th

Have you picked up the issue, and if not are you going to? What were your thoughts on the issue, if you’ve read it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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